Our Policies

- We do not accept returns of the products purchased after they’re shipped and the money paid is non refundable.

- All the displayed products have the description under them ( length,color,material etc.) please check the description before making your purchase.

- All our products run for quality check before being shipped.

- If under any circumstances your product got damaged in the shipping process WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE. Its the shipping company’s responsibility and we will be in contact with you for the necessary procedures to deal with it.

- An order is confirmed ONLY after the payment is made.

- We cannot reserve any piece or hold it under any circumstances if the payment is not made.

- Full price is to be paid for your order including the shipping.

- We are not and will not be held responsible for any delay in the shipment as its out of our hands and it’s your total responsibility to track your order and contact the shipping company branch in your city.

- It takes approximately 4-5 business days after placing your order and paying the full amount to arrange and send your product to the shipping company to be ship the order.